DRF-schema-adapter's goal is to provide a toolset to help you create fully dynamic clients from Django and Django REST framework. Given the right frontend tools it can even help you to build a full-fledge admin.

Compatibility Matrix

DRF-schema-adapter is compatible with the following matrix

Py 3.8 Py 3.9 Py 3.10 Py 3.11
Django 3.2 DRF 3.12+ DRF 3.12+ N/A N/A
Django 4.0 DRF 3.12+ DRF 3.12+ DRF 3.12+ N/A
Django 4.1 DRF 3.12+ DRF 3.12+ DRF 3.12+ DRF 3.12+

:warning: For Python 2.7 or Django 1.x support, use version 1.0 or prior :warning: For Django Version 3.1 or prior, use version 2.x


With pip

pip install drf-schema-adapter

:warning: For Python 3.11 compatibility, you will have (for now) to install Inflector directly from the repo:

pip install git+https://github.com/ixmatus/inflector@ef5c19dc2aa8df5e6b4c452ff2d9b54ec41a04a8#egg=Inflector

From source

Within the source directory:

python setup.py install

Demo application

You can see a demo application running at https://djembersample.pythonanywhere.com/.

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